Saturday, September 17, 2005

I love the look of intensity on your face on your face as you thrust your cock into my depths. Your hand gripped tightly around my neck as your cock annihilates my tight hole. Harder and harder you thrust your hips into me. Bodies slapping fiercely as the intensity of the need builds. Your muscles flexing, sweat dripping from your forehead as you continue to assault my hot hole. My body convulsing over and over again. You do not stop. You continue to fuck me. Deep and hard. The need, the lust, the sheer desire of it all, filling the room with electricity. My moans become screams of lust as you push me to the brink over and over again. My ass gripped tight in your hands as you force my pussy onto your cock roughly, continuously thrusting deeper and deeper inside me. My body no longer under my control as hot liquid pours from my pussy soaking us. You do not stop. Bodies slap together loudly as we splash in my juices. Your cock tightens and swells as you plunge deeply in your last few strokes toward heaven. I look up to watch your body convulse, your hands holding my legs wide as you drench my already wet stomach with your sweet, hot cream. Incredible. I love the feeling of being taken by you, for your pleasure.

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