Saturday, September 17, 2005

As our lips parted and I lie back on the blanket in your arms, the sight of you was breathtaking. Your strong shoulders and chest, the outline of the strength in your face, framed by the moonlit sky. Stars twinkling in the background as the colors of your eyes reflect the moonlight. Breathtaking. At that moment, I had to have you. I kissed you deeply as I repositioned us on the blanket. Your body lying before me, naked, all of you, bathed in the September moonlight. I had to feel you. Slowly I kissed my way down your body, savoring your flavor as my lips traveled slowly downward. Your cock so incredibly hard from just kisses. Hot, long, sweet kisses. Still more kisses as I take the head of your cock gently into my mouth. Kissing all of it. Feeling every ridge and vein with my tongue, slowly circling it. Kissing it so passionately. Your body shaking below me, your moans of sweet pleasure filling the air around me. I had to have more of you. Slowly I stray from the kissing. I suck deeply, forcing more of you to slide slowly into my hot mouth. I imagine my pussy gripping tightly to your cock as I swallow you down to the base. My tongue licks you roughly at the base, lips gripping tightly to the shaft, head swallowed deep into my throat as you thrust forward, moaning my name. I look up at you. You are so beautiful. Your face in such extasy as your body convulses below mine. I have to have you. I move upward. Kissing you as I work my way up. Tickling your skin with my lips, my hair, my nipples. You are so rock hard. I slowly lower myself, covering your cock in my hot, wet juices as I rub the entire length of you against my clit. My pussy so wet, your cock so hard. I place the head of your cock at the tight opening to my hot little heaven. Your body tenses, your muscle tighten as I slowly thrust forward sliding your cock further into my hot, wet hole. My pussy grips you tightly as I settle down on the base of you. Grinding myself into you, my clit so hard against the base of your ridged cock. I hold you deep inside me, sitting straight up I press down pushing you further into my depths as my body convulses in orgasm. Hot juices flowing from me, soaking your cock, bathing your balls. I open my eyes and look down upon you. Your body so perfect, reflecting the exotic beams of moonlight. The thought of watching you as you cum like this, sheer fantasy. I have to have it. I slowly begin to thrust my pussy down on your ridged staff. My muscles massaging your cock as I slowly ride you. Your face reflecting the sheer pleasure of it all as I watch you. Faster and fasted I begin to thrust. Your cock so hard. Standing erect as I continue to pound my pussy unto you. Harder and harder I thrust. Your muscles tighten as the moans of pleasure become louder and louder. More and more, I will not stop. I have to have you. Pussy tight, legs thrusting forward, taking all of you. I feel it building as the head begins to swell. Harder and harder you become as you start to pulse. Hot liquid squirts deep inside me pushing me over the edge with you. Our bodies embrace, clinging tightly to each other in the moonlight, riding out the awesome wave of passion as it crashes through us with a desire and intensity stronger than we have ever before know. Once again, it feels so perfect.

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