Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Willing Captive in His Hands
She lie naked before him. His for the taking. Her pussy shaven, baby smooth. The dampness of her, shining in the candlelight. He begins to caress her tender folds. She involuntarily shivers at the first contact of his skin. His hands caress her so gently, his finger tracing circles around her clit as she gets hotter and wetter. He watches her pussy as it becomes more and more aroused. Her back arching as her legs spread wider providing him more access to her precious slit. He begins to explore her. She watches him as he plays with her. His face so intent. Wanting her so badly to cum for him. Wanting to watch her pussy cum. Feeling the convulsions spread through her body as he watches her pussy contract and pulse around his fingers. Looking at her face in ecstasy, eyes rolling in the back of her head, as pleasure courses through her body. Pleasure he has provided her. Making her cum. Commanding that she give him more as he picks up the pace. Leaning forward he takes her nipple into his mouth. Knowing how sensitive they become after her first orgasm he begins to suck. Her body immediately becomes tense as he works his teeth around the little bullet in his mouth. Fingers plunging deep into her, feeling her inside. Knowing just how and where to touch her, pressing gently on her g-spot. Feeling her pussy obey as it clenches tightly around his fingers. Never releasing the grip his teeth have on her nipple, he sucks it with all him might. He presses himself tightly against her, feeling her body convulse against his skin as hot juices flow from her, soaking the sheets. Sucking her lips into his mouth, feeding on her every moan as he feels the pleasure releasing from within her. She becomes limp in his arms as her pussy slowly releases the grip it has on his fingers. He gently pulls them from her. He then places them between their lips. Making her taste her own sweetness. Kissing her deeply between cum drenched fingers. Watching her, feeling her as she becomes aroused once again. He feels her clit hard against his leg as he presses it against her swollen pussy. Her back begins to arch as he pinches her sensitive little bullets. He knows she wants more. He moves down between her legs. He licks her cum drenched pussy. She is in sheer ecstasy as he begins to plunge his tongue deep into her. Lifting her ass off the bed and pressing harder and harder into her as she fills his mouth with her juices. Her body bucking against his face as she cums harder and harder as the orgasms build one on top of another. Biting down on her clit as she soaks his chin, his face. More. She must cum more. He presses into her again with his fingers. One becomes two as she watches him in ecstasy. The hard muscles on his arm flex with every hard, rapid thrust. Veins protruding from underneath his skin as he demands her to cum again. Both hands pleasuring her at the same time. He ferociously rubs and pinches at her clit, tourchering her senses as he drives three fingers deep into her at a pistons pace. Holding her legs wide as he make her pussy gush rivers again. Slapping roughly at her clit. Splashing in the very essence of her. Her pussy his for the taking. Completely under his command as he presses lightly again against her g-spot. Forcing her to feel more. Her pussy so swollen, so hot, so wet, so tight. He moves up her body. Pressing the head of his cock hard on her clit. He begins to rub his cock up and down along her slick, wet slit. He presses hard as his cock slides into her. Her pussy so tight, squeezing him as he thrusts into her. He is immediately on the verge of cumming. Feeling this, she looks him in the eyes and begs him for it. He pulls himself from her and moves up onto the bed as she takes him in her mouth. Sucking deeply, she drains the lust from him as he moans her name in ecstasy.

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