Saturday, April 10, 2004

9:30 pm
"Hey, What are you guys up to tonight?"
"Not much, just hanging out having a few drinks. Wanna stop by?"
And that's how it started...

Before you knew it we had a party going! More people stopped by. The music got louder. The drinks got stronger. I was getting hot! Alcohol is a very strong afrodiziac!
We started dancing, started grinding. Hot, testosterone surrounded me. My nipples were hard, my panties were soaked. I was in heaven.
Hot, sexual tension invaded the whole room. We started doing a few shots. First you lick the lemon, then dip it in the sugar. Get it real sweet and sticky. Hot fire down your throat. A sweet lemon on your tounge. Dirty thoughts flow through your mind. The beat goes on.
Getting later, candle lamps illuminate the deck, and his eyes. They sparkle as the light dances through them. A wink, an evil little smile. Very sinful thoughts! We dance some more, in the dark shadows of the deck. He must fell the dampness as I wrap my legs around his and gyrate to the sensual beat. Hands on my ass, pulling me closer. Hot breath in my ear as I hear him whisper..."God I want you!"
More shots, more drinks, every drop of alcohol washing over my tounge only fueling my sexual desire.
"Do you think the boys in the corner playing poker can see us?"
"No worries, my little hot one, it's dark out here."
Hands moving slowly up my back. A million nerves tingle, as the heat travels down my spine. Hands moving, feeling, touching everywhere. Head swimming. Too much to drink, can't think clearly.
Bent over the railing, pants torn down, naked ass. Hot candle wax trickles downward as passion and pain mingle in a red hot lust. The moon shimmers in the water become blurred as the first wave of pleasure radiates through my body.
"You naughty little girl." the voice says.
Waves of passion ungulating through my body as I slowly decend to the hard floor of the deck. Wood splinters my ass as the assault continues.
Harder and harder.
Faster and deeper.
Hot wax hardens over my erect nipples as I recover from the last mind blowing orgasm.
Unable to move, completely spent, my mouth fills with the his hot cum.
""Oh, you naughty, naughty, girl." the voice whispers and slowly fades away.

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