Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Here's a question for you...How can a woman NOT like to suck dick? I cannot understand this! I love to suck dick! Every woman I know, loves to suck dick! Ok, I can understand the whole not wanting to swallow thing cause some girls are just wierd about that. It took me a while to grasp that whole thing too. Some guys just taste nasty. I read somewhere it has to do with what he eats. Hell, I say eat my pussy, thats sweet! Anyway, I heard today that there is a woman out there that does not like to suck dick! Poor guy, I say. This I cannot understand. WHY?! "How could you not want to suck dick?"I would ask her if I could. You see, I only know her spouse.
So I came up with a few excuses for her. And of course, I responded to each.

Excuse; I like to get all the pleasure!

Response; Hello! Giving a good blow job is pleasure. My pussy starts to drip the minute I start to suck. If you position yourself right, you can hump his leg while your sucking. You can give yourself a mind blowing orgasm at the same time as he's getting off, if you rub your clit on his knee with just the right amount of pressure. Sorry sister that excuse don't fly!

Excuse; It's gross!

Response; Ok, maybe if your 12! It is part of the body. Not much different than a finger. Maybe that's why they fell so good jammed up in your puss! A finger is much grosser if you really think about it. Dirt gets under the nails. They touch everything, think of all the germs you pick up from door knobs at stores. When was the last time some guy held a door open for you at the Piggly Wiggly with his dick? Most of the time it is tucked nicely away in a pair of what we hope are clean skiveys. Nope, the gross thing won't work.

Excuse; He pees out of it.

Response; So! Does he eat your pussy? Don't you pee out of that? It's not like he's peeing in your mouth. From what I hear, it's accually quite difficult to pee with a hard on! If that's your problem, ask him to pee first, then shower and wash it real nice like. Problem solved! Now start suckin!

If anyone out there can come up with a viable excuse, (other than the desease thing, cause I know this guy has none) I'd love to hear them.

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