Friday, March 30, 2007

Your tongue dances across the damp triangle of lace.
Sampling the honey seeping from my soul.
Hot, wet, and sticky, the lace clings to my folds.
Your tongue traces into me, confined by the lace.
My hips buck upward, needing the penetration.
Your mouth is bathed in my flavor
As I press it wildly against you.
Your tongue darts out,
Punishing my clit through the lace.
Lighting soars through my body,
As your teeth connect,
Around the hard, lace covered, bud,
You are sucking into your mouth.
A flood of juices flows from me,
Soaking through the lace,
And into your mouth.
My pussy aches to be filled,
As my body tingles from the orgasm.
My mind feeds on the naughty sounds,
Of you sucking my juices from the lace.
Wanting so badly to feel the sweet release
Provided by your cock.
Knowing it will be worth the wait.


Percy said...

OK.. you have me stimulated now...
I have a visual...
I even had a scent

your writing is very powerfull

Tom Paine said...

Found you from Devil in a Blue Dress. That's a lovely photo, very evocative....

Lestat said...

Where do you find these pictures? Nice. I do like that shade of blue.

Now about your writing -- do you mind if I block your site so I'm never again tempted to read it at work? :)

doublebogie said...

O M G !


Ya know, I've written a few stories over at my blog but it's been a long time since I've written anything new.
Reading your's makes me want to get back into it again.
You certainly get my creative "juices" flowing.

I find myself jumping on the computer as soon as I get home to read what new jewels you've given us.

Please don't stop writing.
I'll keep reading.

Ryder said...

I swear to god your trying to kill me with your erotic prowess. both visually and mentally.

Brandy said...

You have a blog Doublebogie?

Your profile shows nothing and it's been driving me crazy not knowing anything about you. :)

Do tell...

Doublebogie said...

I'm still in the progress of trying to figure out why I get the same page when I click on my name. I'm pretty much a computer illiterate.
Try this, maybe it might work

If that doesn't work, I guess I'm off to the help page one more time.

Let me know if you ever get there and leave a comment.

If your really want to get ahold of me, write to this address;

Doublebogie said...


It worked.
Click on my name on this comment. It should work now.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Devilbluedress said...

Very nice post! Collecting friends I see. And one idiot...

Brandy said...

Thank you for your thoughts Mr./Mrs. Anon.

No hard feelings but...

In the future please don't use my comment section to rant about your feelings on anything other than the post it is connected to.

Stealth said...

LOL@ Devil...Great post, amazing writing. Safe to say that got me going for the evening :)