Sunday, March 04, 2007

Your hands fill themselves with the warm flesh.
Your fingers press gently into the skin
Holding my breast captive.
Your tongue traces wet circles,
Around the budding rose you hold so gently to your lips.
You kiss in hot, wet kisses
Every inch of skin covering the precious globe you are holding.
Savoring every sweet taste of the creamy white flesh
My flavor, dancing across your lips and your tongue
As your mind is overcome with desire.
Slowly you make your way back.
Encasing the perfection of a rosebud,
Gently between your soft lips,
You suck in the flavor that is uniquely mine.
A moan escapes from my lips
As the desire wells in the small of my back.
Your teeth gently nibble into the taunt flesh,
As bolts of lightning travel through me,
Into the depths of the heat and moisture,
Collecting between my delicate folds.
A pillow captures the scream radiating from my very core.
Your fingers travel slowly across my chest.
Your mouth still feeding your desires
As your fingers encase yet another perfect bud.
Pressing it tightly between your thumb and finger.
You roll the pink flower of my nipple,
As your teeth savour yet another bite.
My head thrashes amidst the feathered pillows
As the vibrations of desire roll into me
Releasing themselves in a violent explosion
Felt deep within the depths
Of the heat and moisture
Flowing from my delicate folds.


Lestat said...

I can feel your words down to my toes and particularly at certain points in between. Even more so I can feel your breasts in my hands and between my teeth....

Devilbluedress said...

Amazing writing... I don't feel quite as much as Vampires, but it's great fun to read!

Devilbluedress said...


Devilbluedress said...

I thought you wrote every night in your room! LOL