Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am wearing your shirt.
No one else knows.
And It turns you on.
An ache you must hide,
From seeing it stretched taunt across my chest.
My nipples screaming through the fabric.
Pleading for your touch.
The words scream out to you,
In the echo of the blues,
My desires for you.
Urges are welling up inside me,
Wetting my silky panties,
With my constant thoughts of lust for you.
An unquenchable thirst,
For the feelings of euphoria,
As our bodies glide together,
Defying all time and space,
And we make love,
In unimaginable ways.


Percy said...

hhhmmmm nice..
you capture something very sensual...

Ryder said...

Unimaginable ways Always the best!