Saturday, March 24, 2007

Each nipple prepared delightfully,
With your fingers and your tongue,
Stands erect.
Awaiting the clips.
A soft sting runs through me,
As each is lovingly applied.
The chain is cold,
Dangling down my chest.
Your breath is hot,
On my swelling clit.
Your mouth divine,
As it sucks on my hardening bud.
Another jolt of lightning,
As I feel the cold chains moving.
My clit confined between your lips.
The clip cold, as it pinches into me.
The pleasure extreme, as it roars through me.
Your words like honey as they praise me.
"That's a good girl, cum for me."
"There is so much more in store."
The coldness of the chain leaves my skin.
My nipples and clit feel the tug.
My lungs emit a moan of animalistic heat.
And my pussy gushes forth all of my lust for you.


doublebogie said...


And thank you for the second image.
I'm at a loss for words

Tommy said...

Very, very sultry. I love the imagery of gushing, incontrollable lust flowing forth.

Brandy said...

Let me tell you boys, a set of Y clips will send your lover to places she's never been before!

Lestat said...

That's one hot picture. I can just see chains on your beautiful breasts....