Tuesday, March 13, 2007

25 Sexual Thing About Brandy

1. I am horny all the time. I have made myself blush at very inappropriate occasions.

2. I first remember playing with myself at the age of twelve. Haven't had my hands out of my panties since.

3. I am multi-orgasmic.

4. My nipples are one of the most sensitive sexual spots on my whole body. I can orgasm from nipple play. For me, it is like having two extra clits.

5. Due to the above statement...I love nipple clips, of any kind.

6. I dearly love giving and receiving oral sex.

7. I gave my very first blowjob February 19, 1986 at 3:30 pm. I was hooked!!

8. I fantasize about being a naughty little girl.

9. I play with myself 3 to 4 times a day, even more on the weekends.

10. I have 19 sex toys in a drawer next to my bed.

11. A candlelit room makes me horny.

12. I recently learned that I can squirt. (note all the references to "Liquid lust" in the past yrs postings)

13. Due to the above statement...I own two sets of vinyl mattress covers.

14. I love to be finger fucked. Hard fast and brutally, finger fucked.

15. I want to be fisted and am embarrassed that I desire this.

16. I can suck my own nipple but get no enjoyment out of it.

17. I love being fucked with my panties still on.

18. Morning sex only warms my soul. I get no sexual stimulation from it.

19. 18 hours is the most time I have ever spent having sex in one day.

20. I believe lingerie turns me on more than it does most men.

21. I had a threesome once with two men. (Turned out disastrous)

22. I love to swallow.

23. The full moon turns me on.

24. I have made love in the rain.

25. I love the taste of my own pussy.


Percy said...

well, well.. devil told me to check you out...
well check out your blog..
well yeah she hinted I should check you out..
oh my....I will have to cum back here..

doublebogie said...

O M G !
A woman after my own heart,,

Brandy said...

Glad to have you stop by Percy...and definitly cum again!

Double- I have always heard the way to a mans heart IS through his hard-on.

Lestat said...

Nice post. I'm betting that seeing you in lingerie would turn me on as much as it does you! In any case it would be an experiment I'd willing volunteer for...