Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Your body is curled into mine from behind.
I slowly guide your arms around me.
Each hand is provided with a nipple.
Hard and erect, yet soft and pliable.
They feel nice between your fingers.
You gently begin to roll them.
Tugging on them lightly.
A soft moan breaks the plain of my lips,
And your grip on them tightens.
You feel as my hips involuntarily move.
My chest heaves out,
Searching for more pleasure.
You tug them lightly once again.
Twisting them between your fingers.
You build my desire,
With constant pressure,
And delightful tugging.
I moan again as the ripples flows into me.
Sensing my need,
You take hold of my precious buds.
Owning them between your fingers.
Pressing against me,
Your feel the ripples flowing through me,
As your fingers pull from my very soul,
Another mighty wave of lust for you.


doublebogie said...

How sweet, those simple pleasures that can arouse the depths of our souls.

Lestat said...

Nice. I can just feel your erect nipples between my fingers...

Percy said...

erect nipples..
so enticing...