Monday, March 26, 2007

My legs straddle you.
On the tips of my toes,
I crouch above your cock.
Teasing you.
It is hard and aching,
Wanting the velvety heat ,
Of the soft walls of my pussy,
Encasing it.
You throb at the first touch,
Of liquid heat,
As it coats the head of your cock.
I hold it in my hand.
So firm so stiff.
Stroking the length of my sticky slit.
I feel it pulsing in my grip.
Begging me lower.
Instead I use you,
Toying with my clit.
I see the need in your eyes,
And grant you sweet relief,
As you beg me in a breathless,
Pleasure rolls through you,
As the heat encases you.
The moisture only fans,
The flame of desire,
Now burning hot in your soul,
As I bury you into mine.
Pausing at the base,
I press into you.
Grinding you,
Into me.
Completely encased, I hold you there.
Sitting atop you,
I gently place a nipple in each of your hands.
You begin to toy with them.
My hips do not move,
But you feel the walls of my pussy,
Dancing along your stiff shaft.
My eyes beg you,
My words command you,
"Make me cum."
You feel as the pressure begins to build,
Pinching and tugging,
You push me closer to the edge.
My pussy, filled with your cock,
Begins to tighten.
A moan pours from my lips,
As the waves roll through my body.
And with a nipple in each hand,
Sitting perfectly still on your cock,
You feel my pussy convulse,
And roll through the waves,
As you make me cum.


doublebogie said...

I'm not really sure how much more of this I can take!

How wonderful!
I can feel it already.

Tommy said...

Very, very hot, this was such a splendid post! Expert writing and cockteasing all in one!

Brandy said...

Thanks guys!

Lestat said...

I can just feel it. That's exactly how I want you.

Well the first time anyway ....

Percy said...

This is an amazing post. Amazing, so full of energy, passion and desire.