Saturday, March 17, 2007

My nipples so tender and swollen.
Your fingers brush them lightly.
Purposeful strokes of feather light touches,
Drive me to the edge once again.
A need has swollen inside me.
The edge so close.
The need so strong.
Denial once again.
Through ragged breath,
I beg you with one word.
You ask me to define,
What it is that I want.
In breathless speech,
I beg you to let me cum.
Your words, like honey,
Drizzle into my very soul,
As you praise my desires for you.
You fingers play in the wetness you've created.
Your mouth so close to my breast.
You whisper the words,
In hot breath across my nipple.
"Soon, my love."
"I know you want to cum."
"But you must wait."
"Trust me, my love."
"The rewards will be great."
A throbbing from deep within my soul,
Pounds out my desire for you.
My pussy drips in anticipation,
As I watch your mouth envelope my tender bud.
Sucking it in.
Nursing on my desire.
Smiling around it,
As your teeth take hold.
Your fingers pinch into my other nipple.
You play me like an instrument.
My body dances for you,
As the music flows forth in deep throated moans.
Pinching and tugging.
Your tongue traces the tune.
You watch as my eyes beg you.
You play, on and on.
My body under your control,
As you feel the crescendo building.
You finally allow my body to release,
And it sings a song of passion for you,
And you watch as the music you've created,
Pours forth in liquid waves of lust.


doublebogie said...

Oh my goodness!
There's those waves again!!!

You melt me baby

Brandy said...

Doublebogie- What can I say...I love playing in the surf!

doublebogie said...

we'll have to have some
sometime then.
Plenty of salt water there

Ryder said...

Denial can be so erotic. The build of desire growing exponentially over a short time.