Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I lick every so gently on the tip as you position yourself over me. Base to tip I lick you. Your balls slide into my mouth as I gently suck on them. Hearing you moan. Giving you pleasure. Pleasure you so richly deserve. I can not wait any longer. I wrap my hands around your ass and push you into my mouth. I position my face just right. All the way back, I feel you as you start to invade my throat. I swallow as my mouth hits the base of your cock. Deep in the back of my throat, I have you. Your moans become louder, your breathing heavier as I start to fuck you with my mouth. Grasping your ass, in and out, your cock slides as I suck. My tongue encircling the head, tickling all the right nerves. You hit overload. (My favorite part.) You grasp my face. Gently you begin to thrust. Fucking my face. Feeling my tongue tease and tickle you as you push your cock further and further down my throat. You feel me gag and swallow. I continue sucking. Your hips thrust up and down on the bed as I lay beneath you sucking. My mouth feels so good, so hot, so wet. I feel you becoming tense. Your cock is rock hard as it starts to throb. I feel your hot cum hit the back of my throat. Immediately I start sucking. Clamping my lips around you as I hold you captive. Taking from you all that you have. Every drop. You are helpless to fight it. You give in and go limp as I finish you off. You drop to the bed, spent. I am not finished with you yet. I start to caress you. Your every nerve comes alive as I lightly tickle you in all the most sensitive spots. eventually, I nestle my head on your stomach, gently suck your cock back into my mouth. Every so lightly I suck. You lie the in ecstasy. Your entire body tingling as you drift off to sleep with your cock still nestled lightly between my lips.

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