Sunday, August 21, 2005

I love the feel of you in my mouth as you are on the verge of cumming. I love to run my tongue up and down the entire length of it, feeling every vein as they begin to pulse. Sucking you deeply into the back of my throat. Savoring the samples telling me that you are so close. Encircling the entire crown as I slowly suck, moving my head up and down at just the perfect pace. Increasing the suction at just the right time. Feeling you start to tense. Your leg muscles twitching as the head becomes so sensitive, nerve endings completely engorged. All at once I feel you explode. The sensation must be exquisite, as I feel your body begin to tremble as your cock is pumping the sweetness of you down my greedy throat. I slowly suck deeper, draining the last of your sweet nectar. Your body gives way to the pleasure as I feel you collapse. My lips release their grip on you and I gently cradle you in my mouth. Slowly and lightly encircling the crown, sucking ever so lightly as you lie beneath me in pure bliss. Caressing your legs as you shiver beneath my touch, with my head nestled upon your stomach, loving so much the feeling your muscles as they tighten and twitch....Having you...pure ecstasy.

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