Saturday, August 20, 2005

A perfect moment in time.

The glow from the candles flickering across your chest, the shadows on the wall moving with you as I gaze up at your beautiful body. So tan, so hard, so sculpted. So sexy. The vision of you begins to blur as every muscle in my body tightens, preparing for the release. Your mouth captures my every moan. The taste of you in my mouth exquisite as my body drifts into the heavenly realm of orgasm once again. My pussy tight, squeezing you, holding you there, deep inside me. Our bodies pressed so tightly together as you suck the desire from my lips. You feel every wave as it crests within me. Your mouth never leaving mine, kissing me deeply as the shivers slowly fade. Always knowing just the right moment, the timing always perfect as you slowly push yourself deeper inside me, commanding my muscles to tighten once again giving you more. Your mouth devouring every passion laced moan escaping my lips as the internal explosion of desire sweeps through my body once more. Never leaving me, buried deep within the walls of my pussy as you ride out every wave with me. Your kisses becoming deeper and softer as you feel the last ripples of pleasure slowly ebb from my body. It is then, that it happens...that perfect moment in time when our eyes meet, our gaze connected as our bodies are still one, there are no words that can describe that moment, that feeling of complete perfection...A perfect moment in time.

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