Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thank You For Being My Mother

In our lifetime we will meet and know at least a thousand people.
But in all that time I will never meet anyone as wonderful as my mother.
She put up with so much, and gave so much more. Love, attention, advice and hugs.
Never wanting anything more in return than our love for one another.

Molding us tenderly, never loving us less, even when we bitterly rebelled.
Teaching us respect, responsibility and the difference between right and wrong.
Admiring all our accomplishments and in turn loving all our flaws.
Encouraging us always to do our best, while making us feel important and strong.

She would give you all she had and more, living with less just to see you smile.
She is someone that no matter what has went wrong, you know on her you can depend.
Beaming with pride, watching her babies grow up, knowing she has done her best.
Teaching us compassion for our fellow man, and how important it is to be a good friend.

I feel privileged and lucky to have been given one of God's most wonderful gifts.
A mother who truly loves and cares and gives from her heart without end.
And I can say with confidence a more wonderful person I will never meet in my life,
Than the woman my son lovingly calls "Mimi", my mother, my eternal friend.

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