Sunday, March 28, 2004

Mirrors of Me

A million thoughts
Stream through my brain
Sometimes I think
I've gone insane

In looking back
Over my past
Mistakes I've made
Some small, some vast

To change them now
Even one
Life as I know it
Would come undone

For every decision
That we make
Every turn
That we take

Makes us who
We are today
The black and white
The stubborn gray

Reflected in
The mirrored face
A blend of happiness
And disgrace

Accepting all
The things I've done
The good, and bad
Since life begun

Staring at the
Face with pride
Letting the past
Be my guide

For mistakes are lessons
From which we learn
Showing us
Which way to turn

The straight and narrow
Or off the beaten path
Your conscience is
Your only wrath

Knowing each day
Felicity, well within reach
If we learn from the lessons
Mistakes have to teach

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