Sunday, March 28, 2004

The Gardener

God gave you a seed
And what did you do?
You cared for that seed
With a hope that was new

You planted that seed
In a rich bed of soil
You tended it daily
Through trouble and toil

As time would go by
The seed it would grow
The beginning of life
Starting to show

A small sprout peeking up
From under the dirt
Protect it you did
From the things that could hurt

Fertilizing the soil
Removing the weeds
Giving your time
To all of it needs

Slowly a leaf
Begins to unfold
Searching for sunlight
And warmth to behold

You cared for the leaves
Kept the stem nice and straight
You gave love every day
So this plant could be great

Slowly with time
Small buds did appear
And you tended those buds
With a love so sincere

A flower now blooms
From that small little seed
Thanks to the gardener
Who gave it all it could need

This flower is strengthened
By all the love it was shown
And the flower now cares for
A seed of it's own

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