Sunday, March 28, 2004

Passion, lust
A need for more
To be a stud
To be a whore
A few short hours
A room for two
Unbridaled sex
Me and you
Clothes ripped off
Barely through the door
Bra and panties
Hit the floor
Shove me back
Against the wall
Bite me, spank me
I want it all
Moisture dripping
From my slit
Nipples hard
Upon my tit
I feel you swell
I want to taste
I drop to my knees
No time to waste
I grab your balls
I lick the head
I drag you by your dick
To bed
I start to touch
You start to shiver
Swallowing every inch
I make you quiver
Slowly now
I start to suck
In and out
My face, you fuck
I feel you tremble
As you thrust
Deep in my throat
I taste your lust
I climb on top
Tease you a bit
I rub your cock
On my sticky clit
I heave my breasts
Into your face
You have no choice
You have to taste
Bite me hard
Make me scream
Make my pussy
Drip with cream
Pussy dripping
So hot and wet
I start to moan
You start to pet
Fingers probing
In and out
Fuck me now
I scream and shout
Bending over
Ass in the air
Fuck me harded
Pull my hair
Spank me til
My ass is red
Do dirty things
To me in bed
Nasty dreams
All coming true
A few short hours
Me and you
No second time
This is all we've got
So come on baby
Let's make it hot!!!!