Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The alarm goes off. You are so sleepy you do not hear it. I reach over and quietly shut it off. I slowly pull the covers back and gaze at your naked body. You are so hot. I lightly run my fingers down your chest, caressing you. You start to stir a little. I begin kissing your stomach, slowly working my way down. You are waking up now. I look up to see your groggy smile. My fingers trail down the inner part of your thighs making you quiver slightly from the sensation. You are already hard. I lick the very tip of your cock. I look up again to find you watching me, smiling. You always love it when I wake you like this. Knowing that you have to leave for work soon, I continue. Slowly taking the head into my mouth and sucking. You moan at the pleasure it is causing your sleepy body. I lick my tongue in circles around the head as I suck. Slowly I work my way down, taking all of you into my mouth. I look up at you as I begin to move my mouth up and down. It feels so good in my mouth. I push down further, feeling you in the back of my throat. Saliva starts to trickle out of my mouth and down the shaft of your cock as I increase the sucking and the speed. I squeeze your balls in my hand. You can no longer hold your head up to watch me, the pleasure is so intense. I hear you moan deeply my name as cum pours down my throat. I never stop sucking. Your body begins to shake slightly as I suck every last drop from you. I smile, move up towards you and kiss your cheek. I whisper in your ear as you lie there gasping for breath,"Time to get up sweetheart, work is calling."

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