Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sex, lust and desire! I am tormented daily by these three!! My sex drive is so un-naturally high. I want it ALL the time. I drive myself crazy, thinking about it, reading about it and watching it every chance I get. I spend every spare moment I have, polishing the pearl fantasizing about fucking and sucking. I simply adore giving blow jobs. And not just a quick, 5 minute suck! I want your whole body screaming for release by the time I feel your rock, hard, cock throbbing in my mouth. I love the taste of cum! Let me re-phrase that...I love the taste of most men's cum. A little hint to the men out there...If your a junk food junkie, never work out and don't drink enough water, well, your cum usually taste quite nasty. Anyway. I love a man who likes it kinda rough. Let me grab your balls, let me squeeze them. Let me suck you with all my might as your cum is gushing down my throat. Don't push me away and tell me it's too sensitive! I want it all, every last drop. I want to be able to suck you off again...Right away!! I want you to grab my head, fuck my face, push it all the way in the back of my throat, make me gag on it! Let me suck on your balls, one at a time, then both, while I lick the base of your cock with my tongue. Let me nibble and bite. Let me play with your ass. I want to tickle it, grab it and pull you further into my throat. I want you to fuck me! Hard and fast and rough. Stop fucking me and push your cock back into my mouth once again, making me taste my own cum on your dick. Spank me when you bend me over and pound me even harder. Make me scream your name as cum is gushing out of my pussy onto your cock. Pull my hair...Hard! Don't just tug on it a little, pull it, ride me with a vengeance. Satisfy me!! I don't want to ask for more...I want to have to beg you to stop!!

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Salvatori said...

Wow. Intense.