Thursday, September 09, 2004

Invisible to All The World

Sitting in our cars
We think we are alone
But look around you
At the world
Sitting there
On display
Clear glass surrounds you
On every side
So vulnerable to observation
As you live your daily life
Smiling big
From ear to ear
Do they ever wonder
What could have made you smile
How many
Do you think
See your tears
And wonder why you cry
Or are we all
So tightly wrapped
Involved in our own lives
That pain and gladness
Pass us by
Never thinking
Or wondering why
Emotions sealed tight
In clear glass cases
Yet in plain sight
As the world around us races.

1 comment:

MonMouth said...

At a station by the Docklands the train stopped next to another one going the opposite way. Across from me a woman sat staring blankly out the window. While I was studying her face, wondering what she was thinking, she looked up, straight into my eyes. Startled, I smiled. She smiled back, our eyes locked as my train began to move, passing...

I remembered this when I read your poem just now. Lovely.