Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Anal sex....gotta love it! Only if it is done right, of course. Not something you rush into. And only after my poor pussy could take no more. I love to have my ass played with during sex. I love to have a finger up my ass, while my pussy is filled to capacity with a stiff cock. They say it feels good for the guy too. It is just a myth that it hurts. It only hurts if you try to go to fast, plenty of playing first to loosen it up. Then after the appropriate amount of playtime, if you start by just sliding the head in, leave it there a min. Let things start to relax around it. Slowly, very slowly, slide a little more of the shaft in. Hold it. Good. Now a little more. There now you are all the way in. Now don't get over zealous. Just hold it there a min. Let me get used to it's size. You can feel me starting to relax. Slowly you start to withdraw, before you are all the way out, push it back in to the base. Do that a few times slowly, picking up the pace with each thrust inward. I am now ready! Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you hate me! Slam yourself into my ass with a force of rage. Pull my hair back and ride me. In and out, in and out. Harder. HARDER! Yeah, right there, right there. OH GOD! You push my face into the bed as I start to scream in ecstasy. I can feel you starting to swell. It feels so good. Deep inside me, your cock starts to throb as I feel the burning heat of your cum as it pumps into me. The pulsing sensations make me cum with you. Exhausted, spent, we lie together on the bed, catching our breath, until we are ready to do it all over again!!


Salvatori said...

Mmm. Amazing.

Chad said...

Not a woman can I now pass,
Without dreaming her lips,
And glancing her ass.

Brandy said...

So are you guys saying that you too enjoy anal!?