Sunday, July 25, 2004

I look into your eyes.  I feel the heat...The electricity.  I loose all sense of control.  You make me think and do things,  I know I should not.  I fantasize about you.  I have had you, in my mind.  You have cum in my mouth.  You have cum on my ass.  I have been showered with your sweet hot cum in every position imaginable.  We have done dirty things.  I should be embarrassed.  I should be ashamed. 

Instead I am hot.  I am horny.  I am wet. 

Again, I will play.  Yes, it will be you in my mind.  Your cock in my mouth as I suck greedily on the vibrator.  You, touching my sweet wet pussy.  You, sucking my nipples.  You, thrusting finger after finger into my tight hot snatch.  You, fucking me until I can no longer see straight. Visions of you will stream through my brain, as vision blurring, body convulsing, sheet staining orgasms rock my body.     

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