Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Gazing across this field in the early light of morning
I see the pastel colors begin to streak across the sky
As the foggy mist rises upward toward the heavens
Natural perfection, a feast of beauty to the eye
The cool, crisp feel of the morning breeze
Tickles my neck as it blows through my hair
Sending shivers of awe through my entire being
As the scent of wildflowers fragrances the air
My eyes then turn downward, I gaze now upon you
Your eyes lightly closed, your body unclothed
I love the tenderness of your sleepy relaxation
As I touch and feel everything my eyes do behold
And I smile as I think of the perfection of the morning
A better way to start the day I know there could not be
With the beauty of mother nature's canvas surrounding us
Proving without a doubt, the best things in life are always free

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