Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sex and Nature

A warm summer day, a blanket, and a quiet secluded spot under a shade tree. The perfect ingredients for a very HOT afternoon. Mix the previous ingredients with two sex obsessed freaks and you got yourself a real scorcher.

Wet the minute she saw him. Hard the minute he saw her. Call it chemistry, call it hormones. Maybe past life lovers? Label it anyway you like. Bottom line...These two were meant for each other sexually. Two "freaks of nature" that had somehow stumbled across each other. Morning, noon, night, every spare moment of the day, thoughts of sex raced through their heads. Every moment she has alone...Hands sliding down the front of her panties, wanting him. His hands on her, his tongue inside her. She follows him. Alone in his vehicle, driving down the road with his cock in his hand. Thoughts of her mouth wrapped around it as he slowly slides his hand up and down the shaft. Just a little further down the road...The perfect spot. Their bodies collide, teeth clinking, tongues entwined, passion inhaled as their mouths devour the days first tastes of lust. Hands wandering everywhere. Feeling, caressing, squeezing, pinching. The minutes tick by. Prying themselves from each other, he grabs the blanket. So consumed by the heat of lust, she lays back on the car seat, unbuttons her pants and begins to play with herself while he is spreading the blanket out under the tree. He watches as she pleasures herself. Pants now around her ankles as she slowly inserts a finger deep into her hot, wet slit. In and out she finger fucks herself...For him. He watches as cum drips from her slit, running down the crack of her beautiful ass. He bends down to taste her as she shoves her cum drenched fingers into his mouth. He greedily sucks in her sweetness. Fingers dipped back into the honey as she tastes herself, for him. Reaching into her purse she retrieves an object wrapped in a silk scarf. God, how he loved her ability to get kinky. Scarf tossed aside, she revealed her toy. A pink jelly molded cock she immediately shoved into her mouth. One hand pushing the cock in and out of her mouth, the other steadily fucking her hot cunt. Needing more, she begins to rub the toy up and down her wet slit. Moaning from the pleasure. Pushing slowly she inserts the toy. Moans increasing as she slowly pushes it all the way in. Pussy squeezing, hips grinding as she rides out the first waves of pleasure. In and out she begins to move the pink cock. Hips rising in time with every downward thrust. Violating her pussy as he watches in awe. Needing more. He reaches for the toy. She surrenders control as he begins his own assault. In and out he pumps the cock. Harder and faster with each thrust. Moans become lustful screams of ecstasy as cum squirts from her pussy. Holding the cock deep inside her as she rides out the passionate waves of orgasm that are rocking her body. Staring in awe as more and more wetness drips from her cunt. Consumed by desire, he must taste her. As the last ripples leave her body, he slowly laps at her clit. So hard and swollen from orgasm, she shivers as his tongue slowly pushes her back to the edge. Cock still buried deep within the walls of her pussy, her muscles squeeze as she begins the upward climb to ecstasy once again. Knowing just the right moment, he slowly begins to slide the cock in and out. Steadily sucking on her swollen clit, cock thrusting in and out she begins to cum again. He drinks in every drop of her sweetness as she shakes and moans beneath his mouth. Allowing her every ripple of pleasure, knowing it can only get better once the finally make it out of the car and to the blanket.
This spot could not be any more perfect. A big shade tree, bushes all around to provide the much needed privacy, and a small pond just on the other side of the tree. Lips never leaving each other, they make their way to the already spread out blanket. She tears at his shorts as he lifts her shirt over her head, leaving her completely naked. Outside, no one around and naked. She is so turned on by the thought of fucking right out there under the tree. She drops to her knees, undoing the belt and button, the zip of hot metal sliding downward, shorts fall to the blanket. Licking upwards from his pubic area, she slowly removes his shirt as she trails her tongs right below the fabric. His body starts so shiver from the sweet sensations. She bites his neck as she lifts the final bit of fabric over his head. As he starts to moan from the slight sensation of pain, she assaults his mouth, devouring every drop of breath he is exhaling. Infected by the heat and lust she again travels downward, licking and biting every inch of skin on her way. Neck, shoulders, chest, nipples, there is so much she wants to taste. Arms, elbows and fingers, all as sweet as honey to her starved tongue. And God, that belly!! What a hot looking stomach he had. She tasted every inch, still slowly working her way down. There it was. What she had been thinking of all night. His beautiful cock. Hard as a rock just begging to be licked. She ran her tongue underneath it from the base to the head, lips wrapped perfectly around it, she sucked it into her mouth. Immediately she could taste that he was just as excited as she was. His hot sweetness on her tongue was divine. More...She wanted more. She sucked him all the way in, pushing forward as she thrust the head into the back of her throat. Her mouth completely consuming him, she licked at the base. She began to move her mouth up and down increasing the suction with every thrust inward. His hands went around her head, fingers entangled in her long dark hair, holding her face as she fucked him with her mouth. His hips began to thrust forward as the lust and heat increased. She only sucked harder as he began to fuck her face. Hot saliva dripped out of her mouth, soaking his balls with passion. She grabbed onto his ass, sinking her nails into his skin as she thrust him harder and faster into her throat. Ball squeezed tightly in one hand, his ass in the other she forced him to continue assaulting her mouth until she felt him throbbing under her tongue. Hot, sweet cum pouring down her throat. Greedily she sucked in every last drop. His legs were shaking as she trailed her tongue underneath to lick his balls clean. Unable to hold himself up any more he dropped to the blanket. She assaulted his mouth once again, desperately breathing in every last moan she had caused him. They lay there holding each other, tongues entwined, letting the last of the shivers and shakes leave his body. She could almost feel his heart beating through his tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. Regaining strength, his hands started wandering. She wasn't going to be the only one giving pleasure. Oh no, he had plans for that sweet pussy of hers. He rolled her over face down on the blanket. His hand trailed down her back, causing her to shiver. His hands grasped firmly onto her ass and squeezed as she arched her back. He took full advantage of this position by sliding his fingers down past her ass to her pussy, feeling the wetness he had caused. She moaned the minute his fingers started to caress her hot, wet lips. She was on fire. She pushed herself towards him, inviting him to explore her. He slowly inserted one finger as she arched her back up even higher. In and out he slowly slid the digit, listening as she moaned and gasped for breath. Completely consumed by lust she began to thrust herself onto his finger. One became two as he grasped her hair once again between his fingers and arched her even higher. Hair wrapped firmly around his fist, holding her upward, he began to finger fuck her with a vengeance. In and out, harder and faster as he pulled her hair even tighter. Moans became screams of ecstasy as she began to squirt cum all over hand. He shoved his fingers deep into her and held them there. Feeling, as she squeezed him, feeling every ripple of pleasure that was radiating through her body. He slowly lowered her face to the blanket as she started to become limp. Fingers still deep inside her pulsating pussy, he bent over her and began to bite he back. As her cunt began to relax, he slowly, ever so slowly pulled his finger from her. Tapping lightly on her hard swollen clit as he exited her hot hole. As she opened her eyes to look up at him, the leaves from the tree above her were nothing but a blur of green. Slowly she began to regain focus as his blue eyes came into view. Before she could even say the only word ringing through her head...WOW!...He was kissing her again. Two sweaty bodies, consumed by lust and desire, pressed against each other again. Each breathing in the other as they race the clock for more time....More time to touch and taste and feel and do...Everything.

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