Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Sweet Indulgence

My tongue trails down your heavenly body
As I look up and see your mouth widen in smile
Selfishly taking the most of time that we have
For you are only mine, for a precious little while
Feeling of intoxication start to wash over me
As my senses drink you in
The perfect mix of the sweetest of toxins
The taste and scent of your heated skin
My mouth makes love to your every inch
As I kiss and lick and nibble and suck
My lips sensing your pleasure with every quiver
As I taste my way down and then all the way up
For a treat just as sweet as the finest of wines
Should be appreciated slowly, with the lightest of touch
The scent of your skin and the taste of your breath
My most favorite treats, of which I could never have too much


Mr. RB said...

Ohh, very erotic. Puts a smile on my face...

nate said...

just wonderful