Sunday, November 05, 2006

Your Fantasy for the Evening

She walked out seductively

Welcomed you to your fantasy

Wearing a silky black dress

Fishnet hose

Elegant heals

Delicate pearls

And a devilish smile

She undressed you with her eyes

She slowly leaned over

Kissed you


Whispering between kisses

The wonderful things in store for you this evening

"I will be yours."

"Completely yours."

"To do with as you wish."

"I will cater to your every need."

"Whether it be naughty or nice."

She then removed your clothing

Drank your body in with her eyes

Touched you with her hands

Kissed you with her lips

She lay back onto the bed

Her dress slowly creeping up her thighs

Revealing just a hint of the delicate white undergarments

Hugging her body underneath her dress

You didn't need to utter a word

Your thoughts she must have read

As her legs slowly parted

And she opened herself to you

Her hand traveled downward

She began touching herself

Offering you the gifts of her orgasm

With the pleasure of watching

You stroked your cock while watching her

You leaned forward and tasted her folds

The wetness covered your lips in desire

As your tongue kissed deeper into her

Her fingers encircled her clit

Her legs tightened

Your cock swelled in your hand

You watched as the waves flowed fluidly though her body

Your cock begged to feel her

Grabbing tightly to her legs

Spreading them wildly

You pushed into her

Her pussy clenched tightly

Squeezing the thickness of your cock

You pushed deeper into her until you reached the spot

The waves rushing through her body became more violent

You plunged your cock roughly into her

Pumping the orgasm from her

Letting it build inside her

Knowing she was begging for final release

Thrusting her deeply once more

You removed your cock

Allowing her release

You watched her body as it exploded

The wetness spraying from her

Coated your thighs in desire

You watched as the liquid lust dripped from her

And a devilish smile spread across your face

For this was only the beginning

She was your to do with what you wish

You gift

Your fantasy for the evening


Harry said...


Lestat said...

Nice poem. Very sexy. But which are you, the one who gives herself for the night or the one who takes?

Brandy said...

Thanks Harry.

Lestat- I am the one who gives and takes...

For I take such pleasure in giving pleaure.

I would enjoy nothing more than seeing you lying sated in the aftermath of multiple orgasms from pleasure freely given.

DevilBlueDress said...

That's hot! And I love the picture!