Sunday, October 29, 2006

He knew from the conversation they held at a local tavern that she would share her bed with him for the night. She was there waiting for him as he rounded the corner into the hallway that led to her private quarters. Captain Jack, knew the minute he saw her, that this was no ordinary wench. The red lace dress only enhanced her nakedness, rather than cover it. The heels on the black boots she wore, sexy yet almost intimidating. The black lace sash she had tied around her waist made her ass look all the more inviting. And he knew immediately that he was going to enjoy the rest of this evening more than he had previously imagined.

She reached for him, with her lips. The fire of instant desire flamed in his breath. When their lips finally parted he followed her to her room. Shadows danced across the bed in a sensual waltz with the candles flames. He watched as she lowered herself onto it. Laying back into the pillows she opened her legs to him. He gazed upon the prize he had stumbled upon for the evening. Her folds glistened with wetness and desire. Her clit hard and showing. He quickly began to shed his clothes. As his gaze followed his shirt to the floor he caught a glimpse of her treasure chest, open to him. Clips and clamps of silver twinkled in the candlelight. Phallic symbols of every shape and size lay lined in a row. His gaze was quickly turned back to her upon hearing her moan. He stared in disbelief as her clit was pinched tightly between two of her fingers and she was working another slowly into her wet cunt. Oh my God, he thought to himself. She is mine for the evening.

The taste of her ran hot and sweet onto his tongue as he lapped at her wet folds. Her fingers still busy as he urged her onward. Flicking at her hard clit. Licking her where her fingers had been. He begged her to cum for him. "Pleasure yourself my sweet wench and let me drink of the rewards." She melted under his words. Sweet cum dripped from her pussy onto his tongue as her body convulsed around him. He pushed his tongue deep inside her searching out every last drop of her sweet lust.

As she lie recovering, he rummaged through her treasures. He found the toy of his liking and dropped quickly back between her trembling legs. It seemed to be a magic wand of sorts, vibrating and tipped with a prickly round nub. He began to kiss her folds. Licking his tongue in and out of her softly as she moaned beneath him. He switched the wand to the on position. The sound of the vibration alone sent a jolt through her body. He was pleased at her reaction. "Yes, my sweet wench, more pleasure awaits you." he said to her as he placed the wand on her begging clit. She stiffened at the sensation then quickly melted into the waves. Her pussy convulsed around his tongue, as he fed on the sweet liquid that drained from deep within her soul.

Helpless to stop him, he lifted her limp legs to his shoulders and impaled her quivering hole with his hard cock. A desperate moan of pleasure followed the breath that escaped her lungs as he bottomed out into her hot cunt. Her body flailed beneath his like a rag doll as he hammered his cock into her. Feeling her tightness, orgasm after orgasm, squeezing his huge erection. Massaging his cock with her pleasure. Sweet liquid came gushing from her as he buried himself into that tender little spot. She moaned in delight as he pumped the liquid from her with each deep and purposeful thrust. Her pussy gripped his cock tighter with each burst of cum until he could no longer take it. He must cum with her. And with three quick deep thrusts he pumped the liquids of lust from both of them. Their bodies crashed together like waves in the rough sea, molding into one another, bathing in the torrent of the storm of lust that had pooled around them.

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