Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maybe in the morning...

I will straddle you
Holding your cock in my hand
I will guide you to my wetness
Slowly I will sink downward.
Engulfing the length of you.
Grinding my hips into you.
I will guide you to the spot.
Pressure and heat will fill me.
The waves will begin to ripple,
Tingling my lower back,
Pooling in my abdomen
Slowly I will grind your cock into me.
My muscles will begin to tense.
I will feel it.
The need to explode.
I will lift off you slightly,
Only to thrust you deeper.
My eyes will go vivid.
All sound will go mute.
I feel myself moan but never do I hear it.
An animal - like lust gushes from within me.
Every nerve in my body
Feels only one thing...

And with your cock,
I will make myself squirt.


Ryder said...

Liquid Lust. Oh so nice to have you back.

Brandy said...

Thank you Ryder.

Sir Dirty Joke said...

Squirting is fucking awesome! My lover is a pro at it and it is so sexy!

cum and vote in the sexy ass pix contest going on right now on my blog! ;-)

Brandy said...

Sexy doesn't even begin to describe how fucking awesome squirting is my friend.

There are not enough words to even begin to describe how it awesome it feels.