Friday, October 27, 2006

Pleasuring You In The Morning

I love when one soft lick can make your whole body shudder.

Slowly kissing the head of your cock as if it were your tongue.

Tasting the flavor of you.

Lightly licking and sucking your balls as you scream into the pillows.

Electricity runs through you as the shivers overtake your veins.

You want to cum.

But the desire to prolong the pleasure wins.

You quickly take your cock from my mouth.

Shivers run through your veins like lightning.

You slowly gain control.

My mouth awaits you

Open and wet.

My tongue waiting to taste you again.

Gently you place the head between my open lips.

And the kiss deepens.

My tongue encircles your cock.

Tracing every vein as I suck.

I feel you swell as you give in.

I hear your pillow muffled cries as the liquid heat pours from you.

Feeding my desires.

Pleasuring you in the morning.


Spirit said...

Nice to see you have regained you need to share it ...!

doublebogie said...


I meant to say..
Wouldn't that be a nice way to spend the morning?