Sunday, November 26, 2006

We lay on the bed naked
Spooned into one another
Your arms wrapped around me
Your fingers toying with my nipples
Pinching them, twisting them
I feel the hardness of your desire pressed against me
My hips involuntarily move
Into you
You slip easily into my wetness
The pinch on my nipples hardens
Reflecting the pleasure you are taking from me
One hand moves downward
Cupping my ass as you slide yourself in and out
Your cock slipping so freely in the wetness between my cheeks
Every pull and tug on my nipple reflecting your pleasure
Your strokes become firmer
My nipples squeezed tighter
Your cock swelling with the pleasure
The lids of your eyes blaze a brilliance of colors
Blinded by the bliss of desire
You moan aloud
But only feel it, as it leaves your lungs
For all sound it is now burred
As the surge begins to flow through you
Your entire body feels the explosion
Pressed against me
I feel the waves as they roll through you
I hear your moans of pleasure
Breathed hotly into my ear
Taking pleasure from you
As I feel your body cum


Sir Dirty Joke said...

You rock sexy babe!

Brandy said...

Thank you Sir.

Sir Dirty Joke said...

My pleasure sugar! Have any SEXY COCK pics to submit for my contest?