Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We lay naked together on the bed.
My body spooned into yours.
Your arms wrap around me, holding me.
Toying with my nipples.
Pinching them, twisting them between your fingers.
The hardness of your desire presses against me.
My hips involuntarily move into you.
You slip into the wetness, feeling my heat.
The pinches on my nipples increase in pressure.
One hand moves downward, cupping my ass,
As you slide yourself in and out.
Your cock slipping freely in the wetness.
Between my legs, between my cheeks.
Every pull and tug on my nipples heightens.
Reflecting the pleasure you take from me.
The strokes become firmer as you cock swells
Preparing for a mighty release.
Your hips bounce against my ass.
You watch as your cock disappears into me.
Your eyes begin to roll.
The lids blaze in colors of red, purple and green.
Your entire body feels the explosion.
You press against me as the waves roll through you.
And I feel your body cumming, for me.


Sir Dirty Joke said...

Babe, I'll cum for you anytime! Love the pic as usual!

finbar cynyr said...

just love your stuff.

DevilBlueDress said...

Love this picture!

PenetratingYou said...

Hey brandy, that was grand. Any thought on the audio stuff? I reckon you should give it a bash. Cheers and have a good one.