Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bathing in the Liquids of Lust and Desire

Vinyl now a girls best friend as the sheet is placed securely

Blankets and spreads in danger are pushed roughly to the floor

Your cock is placed in the perfect position

You pump me deeply until I shudder

You feel the dam as it begins to break, leaking slowly over your balls

Deeply you plunge into me. My breath catches in my throat

You remove your cock from the depths of me

A spray of liquid lust showers you

Your cock and balls are soaked in my desire for you

Again you plunge me deeply

Again you are rewarded

Over and over, you pump more and more from me

Until I collapse on top of you

The desire pools around us

Pillows are shoved from the bed

Our tongues dance to the rhythm of lust

Our mouths tasting the love

Your cock searching for more as you plunge it back inside me

You build each wave with purposeful strokes

You play me like a well known instrument

Taking from me as I give to you

Over and over until my mind begins to spin

All other sound is blurred

I hear only the splash of the liquids of lust between us

I taste the desire in the wetness of your kiss

As spray after spray of lust is extracted from me

Towels are needed, yet still not enough

As we bath in the liquids of our love and desire

My body giving to you more than ever thought possible

My lips drooling against your cheek

Your cock owning me

Making my pussy give to you

Swimming every wave with me

Until we rest gently in each others arms on the shores of love

As the waves of lust lay pooled around us


Sheets said...


Ryder said...

yeah WOW. I'm utterly speechless.

Brandy said...

Sheets- Thank you...I think

Ryder- Thank you also and good, you do that to me all the time!

doublebogie said...

OMG! I'm suddenly extremely thirsty!

I could drink every drop of you