Saturday, April 08, 2006

He had never had the opportunity to use his key before. He knew tonight she would be alone. He watched her bedroom window. It was after 10pm and he knew she would be retiring for the evening. The light went off. He could see the soft glow of candlelight appear in the window. She loved candles. He knew she would be anticipating his call. He dialed her number. Her soft voice greeted him with, "Hey Baby!". He told her how badly he wanted to have her tonight. In a low velvety tone he told he all the naughty things he wanted to do to her tonight. He told he to play with herself for him. He wanted to hear her cum. He knew how much phone sex turned her. Within seconds she was fingering her cunt and talking dirty right back to him. He told her to reach over into her toy drawer and get her favorite dildo. Then he told her to close her eyes tightly and imagine him fucking her. He told he to bury her head deep into her pillow so that his voice in her ear, telling her to cum, would be the only sound she heard when she exploded for him. He knew she would do exactly what he told her to do. He began slowly, telling her he would be whispering, so he could imagine being there with her, holding her tightly, whispering nasty things in her ear. He told her to rub her wet slit for him. To tease herself with the dildo. He told her to use her other hand and rub her clit for him. His hand reached into his pocket and took out his key. He slipped it quietly into the keyhole as he was telling her to slowly slip just the head inside for him. He heard her moan in lust, knowing she had did as he asked. He entered the door and walked down the hall to her room. The hot conversation continuing as he was now telling her to thrust it deep inside. Her bedroom door was ajar. He could see her on the bed, just as he had asked her to be. Head buried in her pillow with the phone, eyes closed tight. What he hadn't known was that she was wearing his favorite pink lace nighty while she was talking to him. How deliciously nasty of her, he thought to himself. There she was. Doing anything he asked her to do, while he watched. He slowly pushed the door open and entered the room. Still whispering in her ear, telling her to fuck herself. "Rub that clit for me baby". "Make that sweet pussy cum." He watched her as she did everything he asked her to do. Her body began to shake. He knew she was going to cum. He wanted it. Wanted it for himself. He told her to stop. To leave the dildo buried deep in her cunt and hold it there. Don't move it. She was doing just as she was told. He watched her body flinching at the sheer torcher of being denied orgasm, as he undressed in silence. He told her to slowly remove the dildo from her pussy. As the head of her favorite toy popped free of her tight snatch, he quickly plunged his hard cock in it's place. Her eyes popped open in shock. He gave her a devious grin and continued to fuck her. She grabbed him tightly and opened her legs wider, giving him her pussy. He bent down and continued to whisper in her ear as he assaulted her pussy with his raging cock. "Cum for me baby, cum hard." "Let go." "Soak my cock." Her body tensed below his. Her pussy gripped him like a vice. He was going to cum with her. As he pulled his cock from her hot hole, he watched as a spray of hot juices gushed from her pussy, soaking his cumming cock and dripping from his pulsing balls. The sight alone was too much. He collapsed on top of her as their writhing, wet, bodies entwined and became one. Shaking and quivering, riding out the last waves of orgasm together, until they finally fall asleep in each others arms.

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