Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A simple rant...

I dial seven numbers.
I listen to four rings.
I then have my intelligence insulted.

I hate that!

Here...let me make it a little clearer...

"Hi. You have reached "Enter name here". I cannot answer my phone right now. (duh.) Please leave your name, number and..blah...blah..blah after the beep."

How long have answering machines been around? A while, right? Do I really need instructions?

If I wasn't too lazy to record a personal message on my phone, it would sound like this...

"Hi. You've reached Brandy and I won't insult your intelligence on telling you what to do next."...beeeeep.


Ryder said...

I hate listening to them just as much a s talking to them. And yes, I know what to do..

Percy said...


yeah answering machines..