Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I sat on the porch tonight, taking a look at myself.
These are a few of the things that I realized.

I would prefer to sit in a field on a blanket
With nothing more to do than watch the clouds go by,
Than to attend any of the worlds most exciting events.

I see more beauty in the sky's colors at dawn and dusk,
Than any expensive material things.

Friend is a title very few people deserve in my life,
I believe true friendship shows in your comfort with silence.

I believe love is something three words cannot describe,
Love is something you feel, something you know.

I believe in sacrificing unselfishly for my child.
There will never be anything more important to me, in life, than my child.

I realized I am comfortable with myself,
I am happy with who I am.

Tonight I smiled.


DeepItalianEyes said...

People that enjoy silence find comfort in nature. Well written and I feel where your coming from and completley understand that these are wrods spoken from your heart.

Percy said...

very nice...

you just revealed more of yourself than you realize!

thank you.

silence and clouds

I understand.

take care baby