Sunday, October 28, 2007

I was your fairy princess,
Dressed in pink and lace.
Granting you three wishes,
My lips, my ass, my face.

Your good little fairy, you assured me
As so quickly I became,
You fucked my face heartily,
Your moans beget my name.

The base of your cock,
Was clamped tightly in my lips,
The gag of my throat massaging you,
As you thrust forth with eager hips.

Your fingers traveled down my body,
In search of the liquid heat,
Needing a place to probe and play,
As you gagged me with your meat.

My moans massaged your cock,
As your fingers probed my slick, wet hole.
My head became your plaything,
My pussy, under your complete control.

The heat began to roll through me,
The need to scream pulled my muscles tight,
My mouth so full of your probing cock,
My mind was soaring, caught up in flight.

Sated from the cum, I fell limp across your chest,
Nursing the cock still lodged tightly in my throat
My pussy lay before you, open wet and waiting,
Your tongue kissed into me, as my mind continued to float.

And I thought of nothing but the pleasure,
As the cum called to me from deep inside,
I shifted and took possession of your cock,
And rode headlong into the abyss of pleasure
You always, so willingly provide.


The Savage said...

0o00o0o0oooo Savage likes

El Capitan said...

Ok, I'm Starting To Get Worried. Where have you gone??