Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You and me and her.
A love triangle, this is not,
There is only lust here.
You will share her with me.
You will give her to me.
Hold her open for me.
My fingers will touch her.
Play in her wetness.
Feel her clit.
Pinch it.
Taste it.
Watch her as she squirms.
If you are lucky
Maybe I will kiss you
Between her open legs.
Allowing you to taste her juices,
From my lips,
Rewarding you,
For holding her open for me.
I will take her sweet pussy.
I will make her cum,
Until she beg for mercy,
Not stopping
Until the sheets are wet!


Doublebogie said...

What a lovely image and an extremely HOT post!


I need a cig now

Ryder said...

Oh, how I can imagine the lust and the flavor of that kiss. Brandy you leave me in a very precarious state! Things I must attend to now....WHEW.

Percy said...

WOW... yeah..

alone in a motel with your posts!

Devilbluedress said...

God, That's such a lovely image. I think that I'd love to volunteer to be the subject of all your imagination!

Call me wicked!

Jhon said...

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