Saturday, June 02, 2007

My ass is bent before you.
My lips visible,
Slightly parted.
The pink of my wet pussy,
Peeking through the folds,
Begging you to touch it.
Begging your cock to plunge deeply into it.
My deep throated whisper,
Invites you.
To take me.
To have me.
To use me for your pleasure.
Causing pleasure of my own,
As you ride atop the waves of my orgasm,
Making sport of my wet thrusts.

The lust drips and splashes all around us,
My pussy is tight and flexing.
Milking your cock with involuntary spasms.
My legs beg to close.
My ass bounces against you.
Your cock explodes, as you set it free.
Hot spurts of cum stream across my ass.
The heat of it claiming me.
Claiming me as yours.
Yours completely.
Your slut.
Your whore.
Your lust.
Your need.
Your love.


Sheets said...

Who can argue with a Saturday like that?

Lestat said...

Where do you find these pictures? Hot images -- both the written and the visual.

Ryder said...

Once again, you have left me breathless.