Monday, June 25, 2007

Wore this the other night....

Wrote this for my lover the next day...

Oh my God!!
Last night was so incredible!!
You gave me hundreds of orgasms.
You gave me two in a row!
You made me squirt, for four hours!
Mouthfuls of my cum we shared!
You showered me, with the cum I showered you in.
You pumped me with your cock,
Until you felt that I was about to cum,
Then sucked the cum from my pussy.
I played with my toy, at your request.
A present we have both learned to enjoy,
We made love for four hours.
We even found, a few new positions.
We were both so turned on,
Lust filled the air in the room,
Thunder and lightning filled the sky.
The rain poured outside,
As my pussy poured it's sweet juice into your mouth
You wanted my wet panties to stay on,
You told me what a good girl I was,
As I squirted my cum in your mouth.
Jets of my own cum, made me cum again!!
You fucked my face with your cock
As your hand pleased my pussy,
Fucking both of my holes,
Making me cum with your cock in my throat.
We made love in such wonderful, incredible ways.
For hours and hours we enjoyed each others bodies,
For hour and hours we enjoyed giving each other pleasure!


Brandy said...

This is NOT a picture of me...just the same outfit I wore.

Sorry guys.

Lestat said...

Now that sounds like fun.