Sunday, June 08, 2008


The moisture, evident on my panties,
As I lay cradled in your lap.
Naughty fingers work their way below the elastic.
My legs spread in invitation.
A sigh escapes my lips.
My clit grazed ever so lightly, stands erect.
Your mouth finds my nipples.
First one, than the other.
Sucked, nibbled and bitten.
I squirm with delight.
Your hand cups my moist pussy.
Holding your treasure.
Your other hand grasps onto my nipple.
Tightly squeezing it between two fingers.
Twisting, pinching, tugging.
Your mouth feeding on my other bud.
Sucking and biting,
Listening to my moans.
As my body writhes,
And fills your waiting hand,
With hot, liquid desire.


Percy said...

damn... that is one hot picture.. and one amazing fantasy.... or was is reality?

robert said...

great sweetly boobs .And nipple mmmmm.... yummy :-) x
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