Monday, May 12, 2008

My latest fantasy...

I want to be a naughty little tart.
I want a longer version
Of a one night stand.
A want a naughty weekend.

I want to be in pig tails,
When he meets me at the bar.
I want to be seventeen.
I want him to like me.
I want him to buy me drinks,
And when I am good and drunk,
I want him to take me home with him.
I want him to have his way with me.
I want to be a teenage whore.
A naughty little girl, rebelling against daddy.
Taken captive, by an older man.
Who will make her cum,
Over and over, in every way imaginable.
Doing the naughtiest of things.
With a stranger,
For an entire weekend.
I want him to fuck me.
Morning noon and night.
I want him to fuck me,
With my own dildo,
As I cook his breakfast at the stove.
I want to be told to suck his cock as he eats.
I want to be told what a good little girl I am,
When I paralyze him with pleasure.
I want to be rewarded with orgasms.
I want to be a seventeen year old whore,
For an entire weekend.
With a sexy stranger,
Who wants only one thing...

The pleasure that dwells within my core.


Kamasutra said...

Hey, I love all those quotes about beauty and they are so very true. Great effort and Happy Mute Monday!
beautiful quotes!

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Don't you wanna live life more than whorizontal? Don't you wanna achieve more than THAT on this dead-beat-world?? I do. I wanna live for everything, Heaven - the opposite isn't very cool. Miss GorgeousGirl, we WILL croak!!! Every one of U.S. Always remember that, toots. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL